Roberto shares his one hour scalping method with the Naked Forex forum members. This is a simple, indicator-free method of trad…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses to Secret to 1 Hour Forex Scalping

  • Daniel Andrade says:

    very good webinar, thanks

  • roland tupola says:

    Walter, what is the title of book you wrote?

  • mastertwitter09 says:

    What a rip off. You copied exact words from Nick Radge from “The Chartist”

  • seeker32100 says:

    Very good webinar. My first trade was a winner.

  • martin ettenes says:

    It looks good but it is too soft to really understand what is being said.
    What a shame :((

  • Enrico de krijger says:

    Hello, what software do you need to place a limit order 8 pips higher or
    lower the current price? regards Enrico

  • Ponipate Drodrolagi says:

    watch this again

  • Shelley_B says:

    Why would you want to analyze the four hour chart for 15 pips?!

  • Баходир Турсоатов says:


  • fractalzoomgoggles says:

    ashley’s statement @ 1:13:10 priceless. He was caught off guard tripping
    over his words trying to avoid the topic by rambling like a politician. If
    you want to scalp for only 10pips at a time, you’re better off in the
    shorter timeframes. No talk about risk to reward while he’s talking shit
    about using no SL yet he can’t address the simple issue of risk that ashley
    brought up. Funny how he used a demo account for this vid and entered that
    trade so easily, the one he said he would take and then admitted after it
    will probably lose since the trend is over. Why did he hide the lot size on
    the demo account? If you’re going to show a trade in profit, show
    everything, especially if it’s demo. He was up 100pips on gbpnzd at one
    point in the vid, trading 6 to 6.5 lots depending on his account currency.

    He said he doesn’t risk more than 2% but then said he “would sell the farm”
    when the fundamentals and technicals line up HAHA. Someone below said he
    isn’t around anymore…I guess he sold the farm and lost it.

  • FreeForexSamuraiRobot says:

    Thanks for sharing, great video!
    I ♥ 100% auto trading by using free Samurai robot. Awesome results, check
    it on my channel

  • The D'tective says:

    i also got more info on best 1 hour trading techniques here, u
    might want to check them out

  • Ravi Varma says:

    Walter, do you have any friends that use TD Ameritrade thinkorswim
    platform? I’m currently using it and like it, but I feel quite alone. I
    have yet to find any traders using it, nor even mention it. Is there some
    reason why people aren’t using this software? I think it’s great but i’m
    not very experience. Also, I really enjoyed your video on reversals. Great
    stuff. Well thanks again, would appreciate any feedback or response.
    -Jenova @jenovahp

  • rayne bumanlag says:

    anyone here heard or traded with GDMFX before?PLs.let me know

  • NEWZBO says:

    Is Roberto still around. His website the Forex Circle seems to be out of
    commission? I’m really liking this strategy and would love to get in touch
    with the creator of the strategy.

  • Testify435 says:

    This system is excellent and have been trading it, so far i have had 90%
    success rate. The only thing I dont understand is which trades i should use
    a take profit target and which ones i should let run. can anyone help pls?

  • Vincent Oppong says:

    That doesn’t sound like a true mate then, if he isn’t willing to share.

  • Juan Manuel Reyes says:

    I also intend to join GDMFX and I found out that they really legit(ASIC

  • Walter Peters says:

    I think he is still around at theforexcircle

  • Tyler Ferrer says:

    I trade with GDMFX.They have great spread and scalping is allowed.

  • NEWZBO says:

    Aww ok cool. Quick question if you don’t mind. I have personally been
    looking for these trade set up on my FX Tester and I see this strategy is
    still effective. Is it the same for you? From a pros perspective do you
    think this strategy is still effective. BTW is your mentorship program
    still kicking?

  • Vesna Sudra says:

    yes sir. when you do penny stock trading get good suggestions from
    professionals is the wise idea. i am telling you, my father making lots
    from penny stocks with the help of these professionals. its worth a try
    here >>

  • thrdel says:

    Chances are that if he was successful, he wouldn’t be there selling trading
    software either.

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