How Banks Manipulate Retail Forex Traders - Day Trading Strategy

More Bank Trading Strategies – How The Banks Manipulate Retail Forex Traders – Day Trading Strategy…
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8 Responses to How Banks Manipulate Retail Forex Traders – Day Trading Strategy

  • smarthelping says:

    What platform is best for U.S. traders that is ECN and doesn’t require a
    high net worth. I have net worth under $20,000 and am looking at a $1,000
    deposit. Best way to start in forex with this criteria?

  • David Smith says:

    so true!

    Popular Chart Levels are most often manipulated to create faked Trading
    Signals and to allow for Stop Runs by the Forex Manipulators

    Some manipulated Trading Levels:

    Important Highs/ Lows
    Round Numbers
    Pivot Points

  • Joshua Allison says:

    this is real truth.. thanks for posting this small piece of the puzzle

  • Harold Wiggins says:

    you still didn’t discuss how to profit from manipulation lol. All you can
    really do is expect fakeouts to happen not much you can really do.

  • Benedict Solpico says:

    So basically, watch support+resistance levels, if there is news that wants
    to break those lines, from there, trade opposite direction?

  • timmy-jones nkumeh says:

    just happen to see your videos over the weekend….its awesome how u guys
    figured this out…its the best strategy iv seen yet…cos am a very good
    chart reader, i got all the point after seeing a few up 200 pips
    from Monday just trading uk morning and us open using this system on

  • Joe Curcuru says:

    Thank you.

  • voodster says:

    There is manipulation every day, got it, but it doesn’t mean your chosen
    entry pattern will happen. People will watch your video and be led to
    believe you frequently take advantage of this – you don’t. What you didn’t
    mention is your confirming entry didn’t occur on the buy. As for the sell
    off the top, you would’ve been either stopped out prior to the hard
    collapse or not filled if you placed a limit order after the 2nd probe of
    the resistance. Be real.

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